About My Healthy Bliss!

Somewhere over the course of the 30+ years that I have been a mom, probably pretty early on, I accidentally became a student of nutrition and health.  Like every mom, I wanted to fuel the happy, energetic little bodies in my care with the best food that was available and I wanted their world to be as free as possible of chemicals and harmful toxins.  So began a lifetime of research and reading, examining ideas, considering alternatives to the Standard American Diet (SAD!), and observing the health, or lack thereof, of people in general.  That was long before the internet so I read books and more books.  I embraced some new ideas and discarded others.  I devoured information about the benefits of organic & non-GMO foods and the pros and cons of a gluten free diet.  I learned new and better ways to cook and what things are best included (or not!) in a healthy lifestyle.

Our first three children were born in the big city, where our quest for simple, healthy food led us to organic produce co-ops and bulk grain co-ops where we bought 50 lb. bags of wheat to grind for my husband’s homemade bread.  Life did eventually take us to the little farm in the country that we had dreamed of where we added three more kids, followed by a dairy goat herd, a Jersey cow named ‘Dolly Mama’, a flock of chickens, some really ornery ducks, a few horses including a Belgian draft, a llama, some Angora goats and a rabbit or two….plus the requisite cats and dogs that find you when you live in the country.  We learned together how to plant a garden, make soap with our goat milk, and make pear butter, pear jelly and pear cake from what the pear tree gave us. We learned to spin Angora wool into thread and we learned how to knit and sew. We watched our healthy, happy kids grow up and start having kids of their own.  We learned that simple is often best and un-pronounceable ingredients have no place in our food, air or on our skin.  Our mission at myhealthybliss.com is to share what we’ve learned about healthy living and to bring your family healthy choices in the foods and products that you use every day. Our quest for products that are good for you, your family and your pets is never ending, so visit us often to see what new discoveries we’ve made.  Life bombards us with so much information and so many choices, shopping for your family can be a stressful undertaking.  We want to change all that.  Sit down with a fragrant cup of tea and browse our blissful collection of unique, healthy products, select what you need, relax knowing that you got a great value and wait for them to be delivered right to your door!  Welcome to Myhealthybliss.com!


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