Good morning!!

good-morningHave you ever known a chicken? We’ve known quite a few over the years and it occurs to us that chickens are a lot like people in SOME ways. There are some you really like and some you just don’t. Some are beautiful but lack character. Some are sadly unattractive but have other great qualities to make up for it. Some are aggressive and rude. Some are easy going and easy to get along with. Some aren’t too smart and some are too smart for their own good. Some are greedy and some too timid to be greedy. Some will eat anything that doesn’t eat them first and some have culinary standards.

It’s pretty hard to teach a chicken anything. You can sort of train them to go to the place of your choosing to get their food, and maybe to sleep where you’d like for them to, but beyond that, they pretty much do what instinct leads them to do.

Now people, on the other hand, can learn many, many things. We are not solely driven by instinct. We can learn self-control. We can even learn to adjust our attitudes about things. Difficult, but possible. Our goal for today is to exhibit the uniquely human ability to love our neighbor, expecting nothing in return. To show kindness and empathy to those we meet and to spread peace where ever we go. The world needs all that right now.

Well, off we go to feed the chickens… Wishing you a blissful day!





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