Essential driving equipment…

that-lady-with-road-rage-in-the-car-next-to-you-yeah-she-wasnt-wearing-one-of-theseSometimes even WE need a reminder… We’ve seen people do some pretty incredible things while operating a motor vehicle. Our personal favorite was the guy we saw reading a book while driving down the freeway. Yes, kids, this actually happened in real, real life. We took a picture for posterity, but sadly can’t share it with you because the perpetrator’s face is visible…

And of course there are the usual culprits that we’ve all seen people attempt to do while driving including but not limited to: putting on make up, read a map, smoke/hold a beverage/operate a stick shift, TEXT, correct kids in the third seat, pick up  a dropped object, eat a messy hamburger, etc., etc. Just typing that made us slightly anxious.

Soooo, what is this reminder that we need? Our essential oil diffuser jewelry ( is absolutely essential driving equipment for us. No need to go out into the madness and chaos that is city driving without being properly prepared. And for us, proper preparation means being able to diffuse the oils we need to calm us, comfort us and keep us (mostly) sane while we are driving….or doing anything else, for that matter. Yup, it’s true…you CAN take your favorite essential oils on the road! Come see how at My Healthy Bliss!


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