‘Celebrity’ traveling pets?! Giggle…

Ok, we’ve gotta stop reading this stuff…  A recent Travel+Leisure article about celebrity pup Chloe, the Mini Frenchie made us…giggle. We are no strangers to pet travel. The motley crew you see above consists of Missy, the Pomeranian, Tucker, the mostly Pomeranian, Shelly, the Japanese Chin and Roscoe, the Chorkie. These guys have traveled across … More ‘Celebrity’ traveling pets?! Giggle…

Good morning!!

Have you ever known a chicken? We’ve known quite a few over the years and it occurs to us that chickens are a lot like people in SOME ways. There are some you really like and some you just don’t. Some are beautiful but lack character. Some are sadly unattractive but have other great qualities to … More Good morning!!

Skinny Pumpkin Spice Latte…nuff said

I have not yet faced the reality that fall, with it’s turning leaves, cooler temperatures, pumpkins and scarecrows and the final big event…Thanksgiving…is really over. I skipped fall this year. We don’t get a very dramatic autumn where I live…we get a tiny sample. A brief respite from summer’s searing, scorching, exhausting heat. An excuse … More Skinny Pumpkin Spice Latte…nuff said

Do ‘7-minute’ and ‘workout’ belong in the same sentence??

I really can’t explain why I am always drawn to these ‘flat belly’ workouts. I can explain why I am drawn to the 7 minute part… Everyone is busy. Everyone is often tired. I think the thought of at least getting some exercise in without spending a hour and a half killing myself is just … More Do ‘7-minute’ and ‘workout’ belong in the same sentence??