Election day stress, Americans?

bigfatpanYou just don’t need election day stress. Let’s face it: there is just no point in it. You’ve voted. You are a good citizen. No point now in stressing over what you cannot control, right? And to review, stress is really, really bad for you. Stress causes premature aging, inflammation in the body which can lead to compromised health and disease and a host of other bad things that you just don’t have time for in your life. So, here’s our advice for today: be good to yourself. Eat wholesome, clean food today. Focus on your work. Avoid people and situations that cause you extra anxiety, if possible. Enlist family members to pitch in and help at home today so that the workload is shared. Cultivate an attitude of thankfulness.

Tomorrow will come. For today, let’s reject the stress and embrace personal peace and thankfulness. Wishing you a blissful day today!


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