White rice or brown: which is best?

We have actually had arguments…um, conversations…about this in my home. My family much prefers white rice. The starchy, bright white kind that turns into goo when I cook it. Cooking rice is not one of my strong suits. For years I had a rice cooker/steamer that was a gift from an Asian friend. She gave me careful instructions on the importance and technique of washing and re-washing the rice and then more careful instructions on the rice to water ratio. Unlike me, she had only a husband at home and her kids were grown so she must’ve had lots of time on her hands to wash and re-wash rice. I, on the other hand, had six kids and a husband who were all clamoring for food by dinner time and washing rice just never quite made it to the list of ‘must-do’ tasks. The consequences were usually obvious. Sticky, starchy white rice that didn’t even seem much like food to me. I always bought Jasmine or Basmati rice, no fortified junk rice for me, but I could still manage to mess it up. Especially after the rice cooker died. Man, put me in the same room with a pot of water and a bag of rice and I can really make a mess. Sad, because my kids grew up with my mother in law’s rice which was always perfect, and she didn’t even know what a rice cooker was. Then, some years down the road, enter short grained brown rice. My new best friend. I never messed it up, it looked and tasted like real food and didn’t require it’s own separate kitchen gadget to turn out perfectly. Problem? My family didn’t like it. Solution? I alternate between white and brown rice. Voila! At least everyone is happy some of the time! Anyway, read this interesting article from Mercola.com (via Twitter) about the health benefits of the different kinds of rices. (My brown rice wins!) I’m afraid I can’t help you with your family’s preferences, however… I can offer you an interesting selection of all organic sprouted and germinated rices that you might not find everywhere else to insure that the rice you are serving your family is a bit more healthy than the white stuff. Check out our selection at myhealthybliss.com.  Happy cooking!

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Lundberg Rice, Sprouted, Short Brown (6x1 LB)





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