Really? Green beans? Why?

I have read too much lately. I will spare you a list of all the things I have discovered that are worse for you than I thought. My biggest disappointment was canned tomatoes, which I use often. A recent article pretty much just scared me away from ever using canned goods. Period. I rarely do, except holidays (well, and excepting the tomatoes) when almost every recipe calls for some canned vegetable or other. Well, to make matters worse, apparently non-organic green beans are a bigger pesticide risk than I realized. Of course, here we are at Thanksgiving when we will all be staring down the barrel of several green bean casseroles. You know, sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. I realize that organic canned vegetables are quite a bit more expensive than non-organic. And then there is still the matter of the can. I plan to research the green bean thing further but I think in the future I will become a better friend of fresh, organic green beans. On a positive note, here’s a little blurb about Ina Garten’s Thanksgiving approach that I enjoyed reading. Whatever you choose to worry about (or not worry about) during this holiday cooking season, enjoy your Thanksgiving preparations as much as Ina does!
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