Do ‘7-minute’ and ‘workout’ belong in the same sentence??

I really can’t explain why I am always drawn to these ‘flat belly’ workouts. I can explain why I am drawn to the 7 minute part… Everyone is busy. Everyone is often tired. I think the thought of at least getting some exercise in without spending a hour and a half killing myself is just appealing. And the body part that seems to thumb it’s nose at you first and start to sag, just to spite you, is the stomach. I mean, I’ve always tried to be nice to my stomach. I take care of it. I did ask it to accommodate 6 babies. And apparently, it lets me know occasionally, that was a big deal. Anyway, I really liked the looks of this workout. Seemed pretty simple and, obviously, quick. I’m all in for getting through a workout efficiently but quickly and moving on with my life. So here you go. And to my stomach: I’m sorry…Please forgive me and stop being such a jerk.

7-Minute Flat Belly Workout


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