Public enemy #1: SUGAR

This was a little bit painful to read…but I already knew the end of the story. The good news is that this somewhat depressing article (via on Facebook) about a study that proves that sugar is actually toxic appeared on such a main stream platform:  If you follow health and wellness proponents, you already know that sugar is NOT your friend. I regret to say that I know more than one person with an overweight child and probably the biggest hurdle some of these moms face in trying to provide a healthier diet and lifestyle for their kiddos, is that the kids are already addicted to sugar. Having said that, please don’t write me nasty letters, folks. That was not a blanket statement and I know there can be lots of reasons for weight issues in kids or adults. And regardless of the reason, as we all know, weight loss is just an extremely difficult thing. Maybe for some of us, knowing the truth about sugar will help motivate us to do away with it. What is a realistic substitute? NOT artificial sweeteners, which are just as poisonous. Stevia is the obvious answer, but if you are like me, I can’t stand the aftertaste. Personally, I have switched to organic agave syrup in very minimal amounts in things that I just can’t take without a little sugar. Better for you, but it’s still a sugar. I am in the process of trying a stevia/erythritol blend that I hope will be a viable sugar substitute. I’ll keep you posted. If it turns out to be a keeper, we will try to carry it at More to come later!


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