The Five Foundations of Health for Children…Wish I’d written this…

Well, I didn’t write this great article (by Kathryn Kos on, but I wish I had. If I had written it, I could have added a couple of things to it. And I would’ve added a paragraph or two that specifically applied to teenagers. Parenting nowadays is not for the faint of heart. I’m secretly glad that I am past the enormous responsibility of raising up little children. Now I have my grandchildren to worry about, but they have smart, loving parents to bear that responsibility. We have lots of negatives that we could focus on these days, in parenting and every other area of life. But this article reminds me, especially regarding our responsibility to our children, to focus on the positive. Remember to remember (!) that simple is usually best. Good, simple, nutritious food, time outside to really play and even get dirty, limited access to electronics so their imaginations can soar, and finally, enough sleep…these are the physical pillars of good health for every child. Complete that list with the loving interaction and attention from the parents, family and friends that are most important in their little worlds and you have what it takes to produce a truly healthy child. I realize that sometimes there are things beyond our control that negatively impact a child’s health and my hat is off to all the moms and dads out there who deal with those issues as best they can. Whatever our situation is, focus on the positive instead of the negative. Throw out what you discover to be less than healthy and vigorously hold on to what is good. My Healthy Bliss is full of wholesome, healthy good things to help you and your family be as healthy as possible. Some of those good things are things you can’t find everywhere else. But if we don’t have something you are looking for, please let us know. We are always happy, if we can, to add the good things that you need to our ever growing collection of good things. We’re right beside you in the pursuit of blissful good health for ourselves and our loved ones!


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