We can all take a lesson from these ladies…

I was chatting with a new acquaintance recently…an attractive, outgoing woman who owns a coffee/chocolate/cigar shop…when she casually mentioned 1) that she was undergoing chemo and 2) that she was much older than I would have guessed. When I was obviously shocked, she said “I don’t believe in age”. Wow. I’m still pondering that one. Sometimes I wonder if we don’t talk ourselves into being old. Our conversation is peppered with perceived limitations we place on ourselves because we feel old. I absolutely loved this article in Fitness magazine about Lis Heckmann, the 76 year old Ironman athlete. I was a little ashamed after I read it. She absolutely does not allow herself to be limited by her age, or anything else, for that matter. The coffee shop lady does not allow herself to be limited by or defined by her chemo or her age. She has plans and dreams and things she wants to create and do, and she’s doing them. Why aren’t we all like that? You have no idea how many tomorrows you will be gifted with. Maybe enough that you will genuinely become ‘old’. Maybe not. So for today, whether you are 16 or 26 or 86, what does it matter? Refuse to be limited. Go for broke. Live this life to the fullest. Enjoy the gift that is each moment. Take care of this body as best you can and then expect the best from it. I dunno about you, but I’m going to stop believing in age.  Here is your Tuesday inspiration…enjoy!



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