Can I get all my life lessons from surfing?

Enjoyed this great Huffington Post article this morning on life lessons surfing teaches you. I’ve always been slightly intrigued by the idea of surfing, but have never quite worked up the guts to try it. If I did, I’m sure I could write a lengthy article entitled ‘The 120 Most Humiliating Ways to Fall Off a Surfboard and Live to Tell About It’. Plus, I’ve seen Soul Surfer. There is no story more inspiring than Betthany Hamilton’s. Betthany’s story of incredible triumph over disaster has inspired millions, myself included, but come on…knowing what could be lurking unseen in the water below you might be what separates the men (surfers) from the boys (non-surfers) here. In any event, the lessons suggested in the article are sound and the comparison to surfing is clever. Plus, from a health standpoint, surfing contributes to a healthy body in that it’s an excellent workout for most all major muscle groups, encourages balance and promotes stamina. All great reasons to try it. I haven’t given my kids a good laugh in a while…maybe the next time at the beach is the time to learn to surf!


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