Just say “NO” to Ramen noodles…

If you don’t immediately feel suspicious of any food that can claim to be a complete meal and cost less than a quarter, you should. We live in a college town and this is the sad time of year, as the kids are back and shopping in droves, that I invariably see healthy looking young folk with carts full of ramen noodles at the grocery store. Makes me laugh sometimes…I saw a young couple the other day that looked like they had just come to the store from the gym, but their cart was overflowing with…yup, you guessed it…ramen noodles. Think about what you eat, folks. I’ve had people send me recipes for salads and other things that had ramen as a main ingredient. No, thanks. No, I don’t make this stuff up and please don’t shoot the messenger. Have a blissfully healthy, ramen-less day!


    1. Are you sacrificing your health for convenience?

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