6,000 pounds of produce in your back yard?

I am speechless after reading the article in EatLocalGrown about the Southern California family that produces 6,000 pounds of produce…in their backyard on a 1/10 acre lot! I watched the video and I’m still dumbstruck. I have tried raised bed and container gardening and I have not had such a bountiful yield for my efforts. Likewise, they have only a few chickens and ducks, but seem to get a whopping amount of eggs from their poultry. My chickens thumb their noses at me most mornings when I go out to feed them. Sometimes I try to bribe them with some watermelon rind or leftover rice, but it rarely helps. They feel that laying eggs in 105 degree heat is not something that they would care to attempt. No amount of coaxing on my part will change their minds. So I guess we’ll see what fall’s cooler weather brings. Maybe it will bring me an egg or two. Meanwhile, read this for yourself and we’ll all get inspired to get out the seed catalogs before February!



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