What’s not to love about sweet potatoes?!

We have discussed recently that some of us have a pretty big weakness for bread and bread products. I threw out there that bread is not one of the foods that tempt me the most. Truthfully, one of the main food bug-a-boos that I am a real sucker for is…potatoes. There. I’ve said it. My name is Vicki and I’m a potato-a-holic. I had to laugh the other day when, trapped in a waiting room, I was forced to endure a conversation between two strangers about potatoes. The lady insisted that potatoes were just fine and probably even healthy if you baked them and didn’t put anything on them. The man, having some good sense, asked her why on earth she would want to eat a potato with nothing on it…? Boom. Exactly. In truth, white potatoes do offer some nutrients including vitamin C, B-6 and magnesium (more than you would get in a sweet potato), but they also offer a hefty dose of carbs to the tune of around 37 grams for a medium potato vs. about 24 for a medium sweet pot. Plus they sadly are higher calorie than a sweet potato…163 calories for a medium white potato vs. 103 for a medium sweet. And for the knock-out punch, sweet potatoes give us a hefty dose of vitamin A, which cannot be said for our friend the white potato. And now, for the real sad truth, my favorite way to consume said white potato is…I can’t say it…FRIED AND DOUSED IN SALT. I broke out in a cold sweat just typing that. What could be worse? Well, a donut might be worse, but I digress. Anyway, I should add that I am a reformed potato-a-holic. I really just almost never succumb to that awful devil, the french fry. But I do treat myself often to these Sweet Potato Crunchies (recipe brought to you by our friends at Skinnyms.com). I LOVE this recipe. It’s super easy to whip up and you can change it up by changing the spices you use which are listed after the recipe. Another recipe that turns bad to good…I love it. Enjoy this healthy treat whenever the french-fry craving strikes!

Skinny Ms.'s photo.


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