Can laundry be blissful?

Let’s face it, laundry doesn’t have to be fun, it just has to be done. I have done a lot of laundry in my lifetime. Six kids, two of them boys, made me a laundry professional. Huge piles of jeans to wash before there was such a thing as a ‘high-efficiency’ washer. Discovering that hanging cloth diapers out to dry on the line turned them into shingles. Paying more for a bottle of detergent than I would spend on a pair of shoes only to read the label and be scared. These are all things I’ve experienced. One happy note in my laundry history is that I’ve finally found a detergent I love and am not afraid of. And I’ve tried them all: cheap, expensive, liquid, powder, bars you grate, bars I made myself, liquid I made myself… Yep, I’ve tried them all. Not only do I love this detergent, I LOVE the fact that it doesn’t come in a giant, honking plastic bottle. The bottle is paper! Isn’t that cool? So I don’t have to feel guilty about harboring a plastic bottle the size of a smart car. And you only use a little, but your laundry has a faint hint of fragrance…even the boys clothes. It took me over thirty years of laundry to find this gem…maybe I can save you from having to go through all that!×50-oz

Seventh Generation Liquid Laundry, 4X Geranium & Vanilla (6x50 Oz)


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