Why do we love bread?

I don’t really understand the love affair between some people and bread. Bread is just not my big weakness. But I understand from my French/Italian friend that I am not normal and bread is a huge temptation for her and almost everyone else alive. Ok. Maybe we should start at the beginning. Some folks don’t even really see any reason to have a bad attitude about bread in the first place. Obviously those folks never read any book by Suzanne Somers. I am not on a weight loss program but I still have bread guilt to this day after reading her books. I really feel pretty suspicious about the entire carbohydrate food group but that’s a story for another time. We all need some carbs in our diet, but unfortunately Americans are constantly bombarded with advertising for bad carbohydrates and mis-information is everywhere leading lots of people astray when it comes to dietary choices. My personal feeling about bread is that almost all store bought bread, whether white or ‘wheat’ (ridiculous term…all bread that’s made from wheat is wheat bread…), is poison. The nice, soft loaves of sliced bread at the grocery are almost totally void of any real nutritional value. The wheat has been bathed in pesticides, stripped of nutrients, processed and pitched in with sweeteners and preservatives until the resulting product is unrecognizable. And yet, that’s what we all eat every time we eat out or eat bagged bread. Am I suggesting we give up bread?! Calm down…no, I’m not. But I am suggesting that we all need to become label readers. Consider ingredients. If you can’t pronounce it, do you want to eat it or, more importantly, do you want your kids to eat it? Consider making your own. I know, life is so busy, but if you can’t make bread from scratch, consider mixes that offer less additives and more nutrients. Here’s an interesting article in Everyday Health about bread.


And if you’re concerned about gluten, here are some mixes for you to try:


Breads & Baked Goods

More thoughts on bread next time!


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