If a book could change your life, would you read it?

I had a great epiphany lately. This would be obvious to most folks, but it really just hit me.  In the realm of health and wellness, you have to be seeking knowledge and information in order to be open to it. In other words, lots and lots of people have really unhealthy lifestyles but don’t know it or understand alternatives and therefore have no inclination to change. Until they have a catastrophic health event. I won’t say it’s too late by then, because there will be health benefits any time someone becomes convicted to take control of their lifestyle choices and try to live healthier. But I do believe that some negative health issues are a direct result of our lifestyles. What and how we eat, whether and how we exercise, what we put on our skin and how much and the quality of water we consume…these are all important considerations in how well the machine that is your body will perform, both now and over time. And if you happen to be a woman, managing your hormones instead of letting the environment do it for you is pretty much critical, I believe. I used to jokingly say that all women are either pre-menopause, post-menopause or dead. Turns out, that only applied to me. Lots of other women apparently spend a significant amount of time actually in MENOPAUSE, and that, I’m told, is not a happy place. I wouldn’t know, because I have long been a vocal proponent of the teachings of Dr. John Lee and consequently, I never really suffered any menopausal symptoms. Now, I am not a doctor, and I do not presume to be able to advise anyone on their personal health issues. I can only tell you that  natural, over the counter progesterone cream and later in my life, prescription progesterone cream probably saved me from much un-pleasantness during the menopause years and, I think, continues to help preserve my health. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Lee’s books to all women everywhere.


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Emerita Progest Cream, Paraben Free (1x2 Oz)


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